jonathan witte

‚Eternal Youth, Art and Sins’


My name is Jonathan Witte. I’m a self-tought photographer and artist located in Munich, Germany.

Simplicity is key, and that’s what I pursue in my work, be it on set, in my photos or while I realize personal projects. My goal as an artist is to provide the artwork which makes you feel something, by transporting emotions, rather then just looking at a nice picture. As in commisioned work I trie to bring exactly that into pictures without loosing any of the required identity of the client/company.

I’m always looking to meet new people to collaborate and network with. If you are interested in aquiring my artwork, want to discuss a potential project or want more insight, just drop me an email or contact me via Instagram.


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Immoheld, Navigance GmbH, Bohne und Malz München, Kratzer-EDV