jonathan witte

‚Eternal Youth, Art and Sins’


Teddy Jones, a photographer and artist based in Munich, Germany, prioritizes simplicity in his work to evoke emotions rather than capturing mere visuals.

His versatile approach spans various genres, seamlessly weaving through lifestyle, portrait, fashion and surf photography, defying easy categorization. Whether on set or engaged in personal projects, Teddy’s artistic objective is to craft impactful artwork that resonates. During assignments, he seamlessly integrates emotion into images without compromising the client’s unique identity.

Always open to collaboration and networking, Teddy welcomes inquiries about acquiring his artwork or discussing potential projects. Feel free to reach out via email or contact him on Instagram for further insights.


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Verlag Droemer Knaur, Immoheld, Navigance GmbH, Bohne und Malz München, Kratzer-EDV